About Smaartbox

Smaartbox is a simple solution to store and carry your own files, equipment and personal possessions from lockers and cabinets to workspace or breakout areas. Considered by many as an essential element of modern flexible working it can contain most file formats, is light, robust and easily stored flat with its unique hinging system that folds when not in use. The box can be reshaped into the full open format in seconds. 

The product has a proven track record over some years and has been successful with national, European and US corporates, end-user companies and equipment manufacturers. They are also frequently supplied to smaller businesses, education facilities, legal profession and global charities.

Designed for end-users who are looking for personal mobile storage in open space deployment that is dimensionally co-ordinated, inexpensive, safe and practical.

A low cost, portable, storage solution, for files, documents and personal effects.

SmaartBox is fabricated of opal Correx, with contrasting black trim, for a lightweight, yet durable container, which is easy to wipe clean and fully recyclable.

It is supplied flat-packed for simple, compact storage, but can be assembled in moments, when required.


SmaartBox is finished to Foolscap size, to accommodate most commonly used files and folders.

Optional accessories for SmaartBox include carry straps, which simply thread through pre-punched holes in the top of the SmaartBox, plus a clip-on plastic lid and if required secured by cable ties during relocation.

SmaartBox Dimensions

155mm wide x 380mm long x 255mm high

Smaartbox is dimensionally co-ordinated enabling contents to be transferred to and from cabinet to pedestal, or to move-crate, to take the stress out of relocation.

Fully Recyclable

The Carcase and Handles are made from 100% polypropylene and are fully recyclable. The Trim is 100% UPVC and also fully recyclable, while the Wire Hoops are made from 100% recycled steel and is further recyclable.


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